OrionLX Honeypot as Deceptive Cyber Security Technology

PUBLISHED ON Nov 19, 2013

NovaTech Automation announces its latest white paper:

Research paper: Agent-based Optimization of Emulations of Network Server Applications in Honeypots

By Yilun Zhao and Jeremy J. Blum, Member, IEEE The Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg

PennState Professor Jeremy Blum and his team used an OrionLX automation platform to create a “phantom” OrionLX which could be duplicated many hundreds of times on a communications network.  Would-be hackers and ‘bots would theoretically not only have difficulty gaining access to the “real” OrionLX, they would reveal behaviors and intended next actions in the simulated OrionLXs they were able to gain access to, turning the network into a research environment for observing the behavior of Cyber attackers.


From the Abstract:

Honeypots are decoy systems designed to capture malicious users in order to collect data on patterns of malicious behavior and deflect malicious attention from real systems. Honeypots can play an important role in mitigating threats to an increasing range of devices, given the trend of providing network access for control and monitoring of devices from consumer electronics through industrial control systems.