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The multi-directional and multi-vendor grid of today is continuously evolving. Collecting data from a variety of disconnected systems and legacy devices can be a complex and unforgiving challenge. NovaTech Automation makes it easy to get the data you need from disparate and legacy devices.

Keep it simple or take it further with unlimited application flexibility

Orion offers simple math and logic tools for basic automation functions, and power users can take automation further with native Lua authoring and a built-in simulator to test applications.

Cost-effective visualization and notification tools

Small and medium-sized utilities often don’t need a full enterprise SCADA solution, and even large utility SCADA groups like to have their own pathway to local substation data. Orion provides simple ways to visualize data, keep teams informed via email and SMS, manage alarms, and control equipment from a local HMI, remote laptop or even your mobile device without ongoing license fees.

Easily add power measurement with a crisp local display

View comprehensive power measurement data on a bright local display and via DNP or 61850 without interacting with protective relay systems. Split Core CTs and web-based configuration allow installation of Bitronics meters with minimal effort and without taking an outage.

"It looks like you folks did an outstanding job, but of course, I would not have expected anything less. I like the security features, I like the interface, I like that you have kept it simple, yet much more powerful. I like the physical layout of the front of the unit as well as the well laid out hardware on the inside. It really looks like you folks have hit another home run."


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