Volt/VAR Optimization

Affordably add visibility into your distribution system

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Add end-of-line voltage measurement for CVR and VVO schemes

The Bitronics Distribution Grid Monitor is a complete solution: packaged Bitronics meter, matched Lindsey sensors, and cables. Reported voltage accuracy is .5% or better.

Provide fault pickup and peak fault currents for FLISR and DMS

The DGM includes a 51 Definite Time Overcurrent relay element. An OrionMX RTU can be added to monitor and control overhead MODs.

Monitor step-down sites and smaller substations

The DGM is the fastest and simplest way to add SCADA to unmonitored assets in your system. The DGM with OrionMX automation can monitor and report analogs and switch positions, and accept remote control commands.

Installs easily without taking an outage

Our solution uses Lindsey sensors that can be installed quickly on a hot line. A Southwest US user reports installation of two DGMs per day with a three-man crew.

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