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The NERC PRC-002 deadline for Disturbance Monitoring Equipment is July 1, 2021. Your existing relays and recording solutions may not meet the Dynamic Disturbance Recording (DDR) component requirements, which will apply on some feeders below 230kV.

Get eyes on every relay, easily

Easily add fault and event recording capability to electromechanical relays. Using our individually-calibrated split-core CTs, you can install our 70 series disturbance recorders without taking an outage at each monitoring point, avoiding the wiring expense of a centralized fault recorder.

Cross-trigger, collect and distribute event records automatically

Bitronics disturbance recorders can help you analyze network faults, test dynamic response, cross-trigger multiple recorders via GOOSE, and verify protective relay performance. An Orion can retrieve and securely disseminate event records to protection and compliance stakeholders.

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