OrionLX Feature Update – OrionLX Text String Management

PUBLISHED ON Oct 01, 2013

A text string is an optional “point attribute” that can be assigned to any OrionLX database point (other point attributes include “value”, “min/max”, “online/offline status”, etc).  The OrionLX provides a rich set of features to:

1) Generate and capture text strings
2) Read, record and manipulate text strings
3) Annunciate text strings

1. OrionLX software tools to generate  and capture text strings: How this module / protocol works: Why this is useful:
Text Generation Module (or “Text Module”, a standard software module) Enables the OrionLX to operate as a text generator for attaching user-defined text to numeric-based points based on prioritized conditions or rules. Once the OrionLX processes a numeric point change event, this user-defined text message is attached to the point. Multiple text strings can be configured in advance in NCD for a point: two text strings for binary points (for ON, OFF) and up to four text strings for analog points based on rules. Text strings generated by the Text Module can form the body of emails sent out from the OrionLX Email software module. Text strings can also be annunciated on WEBserver HMI screens.
SEL Master Protocol 
(optional protocol #14)
Enables the OrionLX to automatically capture SEL® relay Full Length Event Reports and Event Histories as text strings in response to sending out the “EVE” and ”HIS” commands.  Optional commands can follow these two commands to extract Breaker Wear or other text strings. Text strings from the SEL® relays can be the body of emails sent out from the OrionLX Email software module.
Advanced Math and Logic
(optional software module #99)
The orion.SetPoint command provides an optional point attribute to define a text string for the point. Text strings can be generated based on real-time, logical conditions.


2. OrionLX Software tools to read, record and manipulate text strings: How this module / protocol works: Why this is useful:
OrionLX Relay Data Logger
(optional software module #94)
Can be configured to capture the stream of text generated from any of the three text generation modules described above, and log into one or more user-named files. Provides an automatic mechanism to log and store relay events and maintenance data from SEL® relays as files. The standard “FileMover” software module can automatically and securely disseminate these files to an FTP site. Manual retrieval using FTP or SFTP is also supported.
Advanced Math and Logic
(optional software module #99)
The orion.GetPoint command retrieves the optional text string associated with a point. Strings containing relay event data and maintenance data can be logically analyzed. Alarms and control actions can be initiated based on string content.


3. OrionLX Software tools to annunciate Text Strings: How this module / protocol works: Why this is useful:
OrionLX Email
(optional software module #96)
Text strings from SEL Master Protocol, Advanced Math and Logic or the Text Module can be sent out in the body of an OrionLX email.  Files containing logged text strings from SEL® relays can be attached to an OrionLX email. Email is a quick, easy way to annunciate real-time substation operating conditions.
XML WEBserver The WEBserver XML Slave protocol (used to transfer data to and from the OrionLX database) supports an XML string.  Note that text strings can be generated from the SEL Master Protocol, from Advanced Math  and Logic or from the Text Module. This enables a text string to appear on the HMI screen when an OrionLX database point changes.  This string could be a message annunciating ON-OFF condition, analog level/value, or relay event.


Future Text String Feature
We are looking at adding the ability to pass text strings directly to DNP3 Masters, such as SCADA, by supporting the DNP3 Object Group 110 for “Octet Strings”. This will enable SEL® Short Event Summaries – text strings – to be passed directly to a DNP3 Master that supports this Object.