NERC CIP-007 Webinar Video Available

PUBLISHED ON Jul 10, 2013

On July 2nd, NovaTech Automation held the latest OrionLX webinar titled “Meeting NERC CIP-007 with OrionLX“. This webinar reviews the current requirements of NERC CIP-007 and how to address them using the OrionLX.

Topics covered include an online review of OrionLX configurations, the impending changes related to NERC CIP-007-5 (Version5), as well as the following content:

  • CIP-007 R2. Ports and Services
  • CIP-007 R3. Security Patch Management
  • CIP-007 R4. Malicious Software Prevention
  • CIP-007 R5. Account Management
  • CIP-007 R6. Security Status Monitoring
  • CIP-007 R7. Disposal or Redeployment

Click here to watch the webinar now