PRC-002 Solution for Dynamic Monitoring Equipment (DME)

PUBLISHED ON Apr 17, 2013

NovaTech Automation

The Bitronics PRC-002 solution for Dynamic Monitoring Equipment (DME) is being enhanced with the addition of Wavewin Device Manager. This software can automatically extract waveforms, disturbance records, and trend files from Bitronics 70 Series IEDs via serial or Ethernet communications periodically or on demand. Up to 2000 IEDs can be polled simultaneously, but product can also be limited to a smaller number of IEDs to scale the purchase to what is needed. Configuration of the devices and the polling is simple. Daily reports on the health of communications are also provided.

Home screen for device manager showing five Dynamic Monitoring Equipment (DME) Recorders.
Individual configuration of one of the devices.
Simultaneous polling of Multiple DME Recorders.