New Host Module for M87x Family Released

PUBLISHED ON Jan 14, 2013

A new host processor, the H12, was released effective January 2, 2013 and is shipping in place of the H11 module in new orders for M87x. The base version will be equipped with 256MB flash memory, and options for 512MB and 1GB are available. There are options to add Ethernet built into the module as either E1 (RJ45 10BaseT/100BaseTX), or E3, (RJ45 10BaseT/100BaseTX plus 100BaseFX ST fiber). These replace the separate P10 and P12 Ethernet modules used with the previous H11 host module. A new IEC 61850 stack is included in the accompanying firmware release, and this new host processor makes it easier to add additional upgrades in the future.