Bitronics Pole Top Power Monitor

PUBLISHED ON Dec 12, 2017

As the need for distribution reliability and quality increases, so does the need for real-time data on distribution operating conditions and fault status. Bitronics offers new power monitoring instruments and packaging options that can connect to pole top sensors to provide fault indication, peak fault currents and full power system measurements. Packaging options include
both standard and customized utility designs complete with power, communication and physical security features. A customized design for a US utility is shown in the figure.

The Bitronics Pole Top Power Monitor, model M661P3, is designed to interface to Lindsey and other types of pole top sensors and provides support for distribution automation applications including Fault Circuit Indication, End of the Line Monitoring (EOL), Volt-VAR Optimization (VVO), Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), and Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR).

Settings can be easily entered through webpages; no PC software is required. Quick setup and commissioning is afforded through pre-set register/point sets and pre-packaging options in rugged user-specified enclosures.

M661P3 features include:
• Peak fault current captured and made available as analog DNP3 points or Modbus registers
• Definite Time Overcurrent element for sensing presence of faults in sectionalizing schemes
• Full measurement set including volts, amps, watts, kWH, demands, and frequency
• High accuracy: .2% energy and .001Hz frequency
• Full communication support: DNP3 or Modbus over RS-232/485 serial or Ethernet
• Physical digital input for switch position or door opening alarm
• 12/24V dc output to power user-supplied radio modem or other accessory
• Options to interface to Lindsey sensors or to conventional CTs/PTs
• Option to purchase in NEMA enclosure

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