Product Update: Configuration Backup Manager

PUBLISHED ON Dec 20, 2016

The Configuration Backup Manager, formerly Configuration Manager Agent, is a software option available on all OrionLX CPXs and OrionLXms, and standard OrionLXs with suitable memory. It provides a simple and automatic method to retrieve and back-up configuration files from the OrionLX as well as settings files from attached SEL® protective relays. The Configuration Backup Manager also provides a convenient MD5 checksum on the backed up files which can be used to determine if any of the backup files have been changed from previous backups. Backed up files can also be used for system restore.

For the OrionLX/LXm, all of the files created and loaded by users are backed up (.ncd, .svg, .lua, .bas, .ncz, etc). In addition, files with settings entered through webpages, plus key files and active port files are backed up. Finally, settings files from attached SEL relays are backed up.

Operation is as follows: Configuration Backup Manager accesses Orion files and SEL relay settings files and zips into a single file. SEL settings files are accessed using SEL protocol over either a serial RS-232 point-to-point link or an Ethernet link as shown in Figure 1. Settings in NCD include company name, station name, Orion name, the name of the log files and zip files, and target directory. The .zip file produced by the Configuration Backup Manager is named according to the IEEE C37.232 standard, which includes the timestamp, substation name, device name, and company name. The .zip file is stored in non-volatile OrionLX memory. Stored files can be manually accessed or automatically transferred from the OrionLX. An MD5 checksum is calculated on the zip file to aid in change monitoring. The Configuration Backup Manager can be set up as a scheduled task in the OrionLX Scheduler, or executed as a task from command line.

An FTP file transfer utility such as FileZilla can be used to manually access the .zip file from the specified folder on the OrionLX. The .zip file can also be transferred to a thumb drive attached to the OrionLX. Using the OrionLX “FileMover” feature, stored files can be scheduled for automatic SFTP or FTP transfer to a remote directory. The .zip file can also be automatically sent out as an attachment using the Orion Email option.

The backed-up sysfiles, NCD file, logic file and SVG files can be used to restore an OrionLX back to original condition. In addition, to improve security and to meet portions of the NERC CIP-010 standard, you can compare the previous and current ZIP files to determine what settings, if any, have changed since the previous scan. You can use an enterprise configuration management server, such as the Tripwire Enterprise system, to run this comparison.




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