New Pre-Drawn Image Library

PUBLISHED ON Dec 20, 2016

The Pre-Drawn Image Library provides pre-drawn .svg images for users to use in custom webpages. The library contains more than 80 images including Orion and Bitronics products,
substation IEDs, substation symbols, buttons, and links. Users have the ability to create and add images into their local library.

To obtain this new library of images, update NCD to the latest version: 3.30. When NCD is updated, the Inkscape files will also be updated. The Image Library is a new plug-in in Inkscape and will appear as in the image below. Most of the images in the library are more than just a simple single image. Instead, they are a collection of sub-images or “child attributes.” These attributes, such as indicating LEDs on protective relays are included in the image and ready for animation when linked to points obtained by Orion and transferred into the web environment through XML.

Adding new images is straightforward:
Step 1: Create a new “UserHMILibrary” directory in NCD to
file new created images
Step 2: Draw new object
Step 3: Draw and identify Child Attributes
Step 4: Group Object
Step 5: Set “Object Properties” (ID, Title and Description)
Step 6: “Save As” to “UserHMILibrary”

Benefits of the Image Library include: 1) reduced design labor, notably for images that include many embedded animated elements such as SEL® relays, 2) consistency; multiple designers use standardized images, 3) higher overall image quality, and 4) increased operational safety through enforcement of company standards. This is important where colors or images are used to denote equipment status.

Examples of images from the Pre-Drawn Image Library plus the new HMI Library plug-in in Inkscape