Orion Substation Automation

Automate more, more easily.

Orion makes it simple to access and distribute SCADA, protection and other operational data so you can solve more problems, more quickly.

Unlock your data with ease

Orion integrates your legacy equipment and systems and provides access to all substation data using pre-configured picklists, minimizing configuration time and eliminating the dependence on proprietary systems.

Turn data into decisions

Easily share actionable information with SCADA, IT, protection, and asset managers, using email, SMS, custom webpages and SCADA protocols, all while meeting NERC CIP security best practices.

Do it all in one box

A single Orion can serve multiple roles in the substation - SCADA, HMI, Local Logic, Intelligent Alarming, Sequence of Events, Distribution Automation including FLISR and Feeder Automation Schemes - reducing development and wiring costs.

Always made in the USA

All NovaTech Automation Power products have always been designed and built in the USA from the printed circuit board on up and are backed by a ten year no hassle worldwide warranty.

We’re always here to help

Our sales engineers, customer support team, and a vibrant customer community are all waiting to help you get more automation done more quickly than you thought possible.

Key Features


The most powerful and flexible Orion for larger substations, the most complex applications, and direct video HMI.


The newest Orion, compact and powerful. New "server" applications include data concentration for EMS/DERMS/ADMS and distributing Direct Video in larger substations.

Orion I/O

The lowest cost per point of any substation IO and an optional capacitive touch front display.


Designed for vaults, pole tops, and smaller substations. All connections on one side for universal mounting.


Optimized for medium and smaller substations with smaller point counts and without the need for an HMI.

Models by feature

Direct Video Port
Discrete I/O
Ethernet Ports
Flash Memory
Maximum Points
Power Supply
Total Serial Ports


1.91GHz Quad Core

19"W x 3.5"H x 13.5"D

Up to 4 DI and 4 DO + Alarm

Up to 14



Redundant Hot Swappable

Up to 17

Yeah, it'll do that.

We build the Orion to make your complex data integration, automation, and compliance tasks easier. Our sales engineers and technical support staff stand ready to help you get more done faster.

"…You guys provide the BEST support of any company I have ever dealt with…"

Dennis, Senior Substation Engineer

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