Optimized for smaller spaces


The compact OrionMX takes on automation applications in smaller distribution substations, on pole tops, and in vaults and unit substations. All connections are on the front face to simplify mounting, 12W output powers radios and other accessories, and it can be expanded to add ports and I/O for any application.

Key Features

All connections and diagnostic LEDs on the front face

Universal mounting: surface, 19” rack, or DIN rail

Hardware options configured in software

OrionOS supported: the same firmware, software options, configuration, and security as all other Orions

Dimensions and Features

Software Configurability

Extensive software configurability enables a single physical OrionMX model to handle a wide range of applications. The following are configurable in software:

The two-port RJ45 Ethernet switch can be configured as two copper NICs.

Each of the two serial ports can be configured as RS-232 or RS-485.These ports can be further configured to support SEL-relay specific features of IRIG-B from pins #4 and #6, and power from pin #1.

IRIG-B can be configured modulated or unmodulated.

The eight discrete inputs can be configured low range (12-48V dc nominal) or high range (125V dc nominal).

Expansion options available for I/O and serial ports. See reverse for details.


A full suite of security capabilities is included in the OrionMX design, including:

Strong passwords and user groups

Remote Authentication with LDAP to Active Directory

Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) to prevent malware

Syslog event recording

Secure protocols: SSH, HTTPS, TLS, SFTP

Disable unused Ethernet ports

Common OrionOS Architecture

The OrionMX is configured with NovaTech Configuration Director (NCD), the same tool used for all Orions.

The OrionMX runs on the same firmware as the other Orions: OrionLX+, OrionSX, OrionLXm and Orion I/O.

The OrionMX is available with the same software options as other Orions: Math & Logic, Web-based HMI, Alarming, SOE, Redundancy,

Relay Communications Processor, Email, etc.

Flexible Power Capabilities

Wide range. The standard wide range power supply supports nominal voltages from 24-250V dc and 120-240V ac.

A power out feature (12V @ 1A) enables radio, converters and other accessories in the panel to be powered by the OrionMX.

A low voltage 12-24V dc option is available with a power draw of less than 10W for battery-powered applications.

Dimensions and Mounting Options




Operating Temperature
-40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity
5 to 95% non-condensing


600 std., 10,000 or 20,000 opt.
DNP3 Connections to IED
Refresh Rate
< 2 sec; typical


800MHz with cryptographic cypher engines

Event Storage

(non volatile)


IEC 61850, DNP3, Modbus, SEL, IEC 60870-101/104, L&G 8979, SES, SPS, SNMP Agent
IEC 61850, DNP3, Modbus, SPA, IEC 60870-101/104, SNMP Manager, plus other legacy protocols
Time Synchronization
IRIG-B Mod/Unmod, Time Zone, UTC/Local, NTP (Client and Server), send synch to SEL® relays

Physical Connections

Input: Unmodulated/Modulated
(2) RJ45 10/100/1000 copper either as switch or two separate NICs (1) SFP with transceivers MM01 LC Multimode 550m 850nm 1Gbps SM01 LC Single mode 10km 1310nm 1Gbps SM04 LC Single mode 40km 1310nm 1Gbps RJ01 RJ45 Copper 100m N/A 1Gbps
Maintenance Ports
USB Type B Connector
Discrete Inputs
(8) LV: 12-48dc, HV: 125V dc
Discrete Outputs
(2) Form A, (1) Form C Rated to 125V dc for trip duty

Power Supply

Input Voltage #1
#1: 24-250V dc, +/- 20% 120-240V ac, +/- 20% 50-60Hz
Input Voltage #2
#2: 12-24V dc, +/- 20%

Power Output

for accessories
12V dc @ 1A

Power Required

Power Required
10 Watts (typical) 15 Watts (max)

OrionMX Expansion Cases

Two Expansion Cases are now available on the OrionMX. The “2S” case can accommodate two Expansion Cards. The “4S” case can accommodate four Expansion Cards.

As with the Standard Case, Expansion Cases can be universally mounted because all ports, connections, and LEDs are on a single front surface. Mounting options include vertical and horizontal surface mount, DIN rail, and dual 19” rack mount.

OrionMX Expansion Cards

The “S1” Serial Expansion Card adds four (4) RS-232/485 serial ports, software selectable. Each port supports SEL® relay interface (pin 1 power and IRIG support) plus pin assignments for modem connection.

The “D1” Discrete I/O Expansion Card adds eight (8) discrete inputs, software selectable, for 125V dc or 12-48V dc nominal, and four relay grade outputs, two Form A and two Form C.

The “F1” Serial Fiber Expansion Card adds four (4) serial ST fiber ports 800-850nm. Point-to-point and multidrop are software selectable.




All card combinations are permitted, including all the same cards, making possible up to 16 additional serial ports or up to an additional 32 DI / 16 DO. Cards can be replaced or added in the field.

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