Recent Enhancements to the OrionLX DNP3 Server/Slave Protocol

PUBLISHED ON Jul 21, 2014

Version 3.10 of the DNP3 Slave protocol, released June 12, 2014, provides new enhancements to simplify points list creation and editing. Key features are described below:

New Tabular Format for Selected Points

DNP3 SCADA points are selected from the master points list as they are today, but selected points are more easily viewed in tabular form.Capture2

Edit Common Attributes for Selected Points

1. Select points that have an attribute that is common and must be edited to a different value. In this example the Class poll will be edited from Class 1 to Class 3.

2. Click on the “Edit Common Attributes” button.

57842_NovaTech_TechTalk NL6


3. Select attribute to be changed. Enter change and apply.

57842_NovaTech_TechTalk NL7


4. Done.

57842_NovaTech_TechTalk NL8