Easy Retrofit of Legacy Panel Meters with Bitronics SCADA Meters and SUSI Adapters

PUBLISHED ON May 06, 2014

A new switchboard/socket meter replacement option for the M650 in conjunction with SUSI Adapters is available for immediate order. Older style switchboard and socket meters can be removed and replaced with the M650 in one of many different cases without having to change existing wiring. This allows an upgrade to a reliable, modern SCADA meter with full (serial and/or Ethernet) Modbus or DNP3 communications capability. A wide variety of cases covering GE, Westinghouse, Basler style, and other products are available.

SUSI Adapters, Inc. of Johns Creek, Georgia, is a leading manufacturer of panel adapters for a wide variety of socket meters and other complementary products. For nearly twenty years, their unique patented products have provided a cost effective solution for old or new panel metering applications. Bitronics® 50 Series SCADA Meters are designed to provide value and simplicity in SCADA and stand-alone metering applications. With advanced Ethernet communications, web-based configuration, rugged design, and unmatched flexibility, the 50 Series reduces cost of ownership in all areas: configuration, integration, commissioning, and spares. The 50 Series split-core CT option further reduces installation costs.