Quickly Add Automation to an Older E/M Relay Substation

PUBLISHED ON Dec 20, 2016

Do you know that you can install a fault location and recording solution, and begin transmitting substation SCADA data in less than an hour without taking an outage? NovaTech Automation, working with a Mid-Atlantic Utility, designed and packaged a solution into a small enclosure for retrofit at 69kV substations. The self-contained box–easily mounted to a pole or panel–includes the following elements:

  • Bitronics 70 Series Monitoring and Recording IED for fault and disturbance recording, SCADA measurements, distance-to-fault location
  • Split-core CTs that attach around existing transformer wires allowing installation without interrupting CT circuits
  • All connectors built on side of box for quick install
  • Outputs for alarms and event notification
  • All necessary wires/cables contained within box and pre-wired for quick connection
  • Built-in radio modem, as well as standard Ethernet port that can tie into Utility Ethernet network where available, for quick communications
  • Status inputs for monitoring circuit breaker or relay operations
  • Detached display attached to box door
A display is provided to give local indication of measured values including fault location.


External connectors and all necessary wiring/cables simplify installation.