Custom “Flex Scaling” Available on the Bitronics D650 Master Display

PUBLISHED ON Aug 14, 2019

The D650 Master Display is designed to poll and display any data value from any IED using DNP3 or Modbus, serial or TCP. New Custom Flex Scaling enables data to be displayed without any scaling or special points mapping in the IED.


This new scaling feature uses a linear two-point scaling method, where the user associates the value of two polled points “on the wire” with two values desired to be displayed. An example of this is “0” and “1000” polled “on the wire” associated with “32.0” and “212.0” displayed. Selected points do not have to be minimum and maximum. Flex Scaling and Measurement files can be edited offline using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) or a text editor. These scaling and measurement files can also be moved to other Bitronics D650 Master Displays, reducing engineering and configuration efforts.


A new convenience feature enables users to easily skip to the next address in the points address list without typing. With this new feature and the new Flex Scaling, the points in the IED should not have to be re-ordered or modified.


The capture above shows examples of custom scalings entered into the new D650 webpage.