Bitronics P33 Output Only Module

PUBLISHED ON Jul 21, 2015

To meet the demand for separate dedicated input and output devices, Bitronics has developed the P33 Digital Output Module that provides eight relay outputs and will allow up to 48 outputs per each 878 High Density I/O device. Previously the maximum number of outputs was four in either the P30A or P31 modules. The eight relay outputs are high performance, having the same characteristics as those in the P30A and P31 modules, as follows:

  • Digital outputs have protection and control industry standard-type output relays and circuitry to ensure system reliability.
  • Outputs are rated for 2000Vac, 1min isolation, I/O to I/O, and I/O to case.
  • The outputs are jumper-selectable for “normal” output state (Normally Open or Normally Closed) and for relay condition (energized or de-energized).
  • The digital outputs are controlled via CONTROL RELAY OUTPUT BLOCK objects and support LATCH-ON, LATCH-OFF, PULSE-ON, PULSE-OFF, and TRIP/CLOSE commands.
  • The Output Maximum Switched Current (Resistive):

[table caption=” ” width=”625″ colwidth=”40|40|40|40″ colalign=”center|center|center|center|”]
Voltage,Tripping (C37.90 Resistive),Continuous Carry,Break (Inductive)

  • The Output Operate Time (time from command by Host, does not include protocol delays):
    • Assert (Close time with “N.O.” jumper): 8ms
    • Release (Open time with “N.O.” jumper): 3ms