878 DIOD: Recent Applications

PUBLISHED ON May 06, 2014

The Bitronics 878 DIOD, a self-powered, distributed I/O device that provides combinations of digital inputs, digital outputs, and transducer inputs, has had recent success in a number of applications. The 878 was selected for mounting within a high voltage breaker cubicle because of its I/O density per size, ability to reduce breaker status wiring between breaker cabinet and RTU, and fiber optic Ethernet connection. The 878 was also selected along with the OrionLX for several RTU panels where higher density I/O was required. The first order was for three RTU panels with a total of approximately 700 digital inputs, 200 digital outputs, and 300 analog (transducer) inputs—not counting spares. These RTU panels were jointly designed by NovaTech Automation and the end user, and are being built and factory accepted tested by NovaTech Automation in Lenexa, Kansas.

Key Features of the 878 DIOD include:

  • Flexibility – back of panel mounting, three chassis sizes, digital inputs and outputs and transducer inputs, monitored NO/NC outputs
  • Complete Protocol Support – IEC 61850 8-1 with GOOSE messaging, DNP3 and Modbus, Serial and TCP
  • High I/O count – up to 56 digital inputs or 48 analog inputs possible
  • Boolean Logic – Fast local control