Using the Bitronics 70 Series as an Upgrade Solution in Subs with Electromechanical Relays

PUBLISHED ON Oct 29, 2014

There are still many substation sites where electromechanical relays are providing adequate protection, but where utilities want to upgrade the substation with SCADA measurements, fault recording, distance-to-fault, etc. that aren’t available from the existing relays. Rather than disrupting the existing protection, some utilities are using Bitronics 70 Series to provide these upgrade features.

The offering from Bitronics and NovaTech Automation provides:

  • High accuracy SCADA measurements
  • Multiple communication protocols and simultaneous physical links
  • Split-core CTs for quicker installation
  • Multiple recording modes including SOE, disturbance, trend and fault recording
  • Distance-to-fault calculation
  • Optional digital inputs and outputs and transducer inputs
  • Optional detached displays for local viewing
  • Design and installation support