Security Monitoring Points

PUBLISHED ON Oct 29, 2014

The standard OrionLX software feature “Sensor Master” (NCD Version 3.27 or higher and OrionLX release 8.3 or higher) now includes new points to monitor how a user is logged in or attempting to log in. These new binary and counter points, with text attributes on the counter points, can be annunciated in the following ways:

1. Mapped to a SCADA Master in any protocol that supports binary inputs and counters.

2. Mapped to a DNP3 SCADA Master as binary inputs and counter inputs with or without support for DNP3 Object 110 text strings. Text event strings make available host name, username, and application.

3. Text (host name, username, and application) annunciated as an email, or as an alarm message or appearing on an HMI screen. Here is an example of the Text Event format for an invalid user attempting and failing login:

host slog Invalid user username attempted login on app (e.g. “OrionLX slog
Invalid user novatech attempted login on HTTPS”).

The new points appear in NCD as shown above.