OrionLX Relay Helper – Simplify Relay Integration

PUBLISHED ON Mar 16, 2012


NovaTech Automation currently provides over 200 pre-engineered SEL® “point pick lists” (or “Default Files”) to simplify the process of selecting points from SEL® relays. When new SEL® relay models are introduced, NovaTech Automation Engineering, or the user, creates a new Default File for that specifi c new relay model.

OrionLX Relay Helper simplifi es the Default File creation process by automating the extraction of SEL® relay “ID” and “DNA” from the new relay model. Using these data, Relay Helper automatically creates the new complete and accurate Default File. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

Relay Helper includes four software wizards. Each wizard addresses a different connection scenario for Default File creation:

Wizards 1 and 2 are used when the user PC is connected to the OrionLX and the OrionLX is connected to the relay. Relay ID and DNA are automatically extracted from the relays. Wizard #1 creates a new NCD fi le and Default Files with “found” relays; Wizard #2 adds “found” relays and Default Files to an existing NCD fi le.

Wizard 3 is used when the user PC is connected directly to the relay. Relay ID and DNA are automatically extracted from the relay and a Default File for the connected relay is created and added to NCD.

Wizard 4 is used when the PC is onl ine and has a copy of the relay ID and DNA. A Default File for the relay is created and added to NCD.

Guidelines for Application of Relay Helper
1) The SEL® relay must support Fast Meter and the “ID” command
2) Wizard 1 and 2 are not designed to work with Cascaded OrionLX confi gurations
3) For a new Default File to be created, a Default File for a relay of that “family” must already exist in NCD

Ordering Relay Helper
Relay Helper is including in the SEL® Master protocol (order code #14).