NovaTech Automation Releases Direct Video for OrionLX

PUBLISHED ON Jun 27, 2012

OWINGS MILLS, MD – (June 26, 2012)   NovaTech Automation is pleased to announce the release of the new Direct Video capability for the OrionLX Substation Automation Platform. Direct Video for the OrionLX enables users to cut substation hardware costs, meet emerging NERC CIP security standards, and to accomplish additional “PC” tasks with the Orion Substation Automation Platform.

Direct Video empowers substation performance through the innovative OrionLX Multimedia Board (order code “MMB”).  Built into the OrionLX, the OrionLX Multimedia Board bypasses the need for a hardened substation PC by allowing direct connection of a VGA monitor to the OrionLX unit. For the first time, Orion WEBserver graphics can be created and served directly from the OrionLX to the substation display monitor without the need for a costly substation PC, while maintaining NERC CIP compliance.

The VGA monitor attached to the OrionLX also facilitates a number of new tasks, previously only able to be done in PCs, including text editing, transfer of files from OrionLX USB ports, calculator, and Wireshark diagnostics.

Allowing for maximum connectivity, the OrionLX Multimedia Board offers a third Ethernet port, making possible three independent Ethernet networks. Other ports include an Audio Out port, two additional USB Ports for keyboard and mouse connections and the dedicated VGA monitor port.

Software support for Direct Video is provided by the Orion WEBserver HMI, a cost-effective web-based SCADA and local HMI solution that uses open-source graphics package Inkscape to build interactive screens accessible from standard web browsers-and now-directly from the OrionLX via Direct Video.  Orion WEBserver HMI serves out custom designed webpages created using the optional WEBserver XML software module and the Inkscape SVG graphics editor. The optional OrionLX Alarm-Archive-Retentive (AAR) software module allows for pre-formatted sequence of events, alarm, and trending pages to be served out as webpages.

Traditional HMIs are typically one of the most expensive components in a substation automation system because of increased hardware and software requirements, as well as costly and time-consuming training of personnel on software for maintenance and support. With Orion WEBserver HMI and Direct Video, all costs are reduced.