NovaTech Automation Introduces OrionLX+

PUBLISHED ON Feb 12, 2019

Recently, at the DistribuTECH 2019 Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, NovaTech Automation introduced the OrionLX+, the latest offering in the Orion family of substation automation platforms. The OrionLX+ adds new power and flexibility for larger, more challenging applications, plus adds features to simplify usage and reduce costs of ownership.

As a member of the Orion family, the OrionLX+ shares the same operating system and configuration techniques of other Orions: OrionLX CPX, OrionLXm, and Orion I/O. Configurations from these other Orions can also run in the OrionLX+, and the same serial communication cards can be shared between the OrionLX CPX and OrionLX+.

New capabilities include hot-swappable power supplies, expanded networking options, higher “Direct Video” performance, Orion Redundancy enhancements, and significantly more power.

OrionLX+…more of what you want in an Orion.

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