NovaTech Automation Hosts Informative Symposium for PPL Managers and Engineers

PUBLISHED ON Nov 01, 2019

On October 23, 2019, NovaTech Automation hosted an Electric Utilities Symposium at PPL’s Walbert Training Center in Allentown, PA. This event was a part of PPL’s Vendors and Technology program, introducing PPL employees to NovaTech Automation and its products and services. The Symposium was also an opportunity for NovaTech Automation to provide PPL employees, already familiar with our products, an update on new Orion and Bitronics products.

NovaTech Automation took the opportunity to show experienced PPL Orion users some of the new features and functionality enhancements included with a recent release of NovaTech Automation Configuration Director (NCD). NovaTech Automation also showcased: Orion Redundancy, the new OrionLX+, OrionLXm with unmanaged switch, and the upcoming small-platform OrionMX. In addition, attendees were educated on the Bitronics Distribution Grid Monitor and D650 Master Display.

Mark Matassa, NovaTech Automation Northeast Regional Sales Manager notes, “the event demonstrated a true partnership between PPL and NovaTech Automation. For over thirty-five busy PPL Managers, Engineers, and Technicians and multiple members of NovaTech Automation’s Management, Sales, and Engineering teams to take time out of their schedules to attend this event proves the commitment between these two companies.”

In addition to NovaTech Automation, Chris Jarrah and Tim D’Emidio of PPL presented how PPL is utilizing Orions and Bitronics to satisfy automation requirements in their Transmission and Distribution Systems (respectively).

For more information on the NovaTech Automation and PPL partnership, please contact Mark Matassa.