New Orion Software Features Supported in Firmware 9.8 and NCD 3.37

PUBLISHED ON Sep 27, 2021

Firmware version 9.8 and NCD 3.37, both released and available for download from our Orion Support Site, support all active Orions: OrionLX+, OrionLX-CPX, OrionLXm, Orion I/O, and OrionMX.

Support for New Orion Hardware

  • Two new OrionLX+ NovaCards (“NC2” for the 12-Port Switch and “NC3” for PRP/HSR).
  • New PRP/HSR network option on the Orion I/O.
  • New OrionMX Expansion Cases and Expansion Cards (the four-port “S1” Serial Card and the 8in/4out “D1” Card).
PRP/HSR and Orion Redundancy provide a complete high-availability system for critical substation automation applications.

Math and Logic Enhancements

  • Added Double Bit Binary input function.
  • Added new “TripCloseSplit” function in LogicPak. This enables the TRIP/CLOSE commands (1 and 0) to be easily mapped to any two selected points, e.g. two Remote Bits in an SEL® relay.
  • Added a new Lua logic simulator, built into NCD. This means no need to jump out, open another program, select file, etc. This new simulator also executes Lua code on the Windows PC almost identically to how it will execute in Orion. This means you can be much more assured that clean, simulated code will run without errors in Orion.


Trending Enhancements

  • Trending graph resets without reloading data.
  • Filter settings are preserved when user leaves page or logs out.
  • Added ‘Save to CSV’ function to Archive and Trending pages.


Protocol Enhancements

  • Added new features for the IEC 60870-5-101/104 protocols including support for the “ENDESA” profile.
  • Expanded support for SEL 411L and 787 relays including MET MV poll.


Security and Access Enhancements

  • Added RADIUS configuration to the Remote Accounts page and added support for redundant RADIUS servers.
  • Streamlined the method to join Orion to the AD domain; now this is possible with a few short clicks on our enhanced WebUI configuration screen. All Active Directory Configuration can now be done via the WebUI rather than by uploading SSSD files or logging into the command line interface.
  • Added Privacy Protocol Settings to SNMP Manager.
  • Added support for encrypted TLS connections via OpenSSL in IEC 60870-5-104.