OrionMX Expansion Cases and Cards

New Orion Hardware and Software Products

PUBLISHED ON Aug 23, 2021

The newly released NCD version 3.37, and 9.8 firmware (to be released in the next few weeks), support the following new hardware options:

OrionMX Expansion Cases and Expansion Cards

Two Expansion Cases are now available on the OrionMX. The “2S” case can accommodate two Expansion Cards. The “4S” case can accommodate four Expansion Cards.

The “S1” Serial Expansion Card adds four (4) RS-232/485 serial ports, software selectable. Each port supports SEL® relay interface (pin 1 power and IRIG support) plus pin assignment for modem connection.

The “D1” Discrete I/O Expansion Card adds eight (8) discrete inputs, software selectable for 125V dc or 12-48V dc nominal, and four relay grade outputs, two Form A, two Form C.

Expansion Cards follow the same population rules as the Orion I/O: the first card goes into the lower-most Slot A, additional cards go into Slot B, then C and D. All of one card or another is permitted, making possible up to 16 additional serial ports or up to an additional 32 in / 16 out. Cards can be replaced or added in the field.

OrionMX S1 Serial Expansion Card


OrionMX D1 I/O Expansion Card


Selections for new OrionMX Expansion Slots in NCD 3.37


Two New OrionLX+ NovaCards

OrionLX Plus

NovaCard #2 (NC2) adds 12 RJ45 Ethernet Ports (10/100/1000BaseTX) in an unmanaged switch. By default, no special configuration is required; just set the IP address and connect IEDs. Where additional subnets are required, ports may be configured as separate networks/subnets, similarly to the switch on the Orion I/O.

NovaCard 3

NovaCard #3 (NC3H and NC3L) adds PRP/HSR ports for “LAN A” and “LAN B” on a separate NIC, and provides discrete I/O. PRP/HSR ports are brought out as RJ45 and “SFP” (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) ports. Two additional Ethernet NICs are available as RJ45 and SFP. NovaTech offers multimode, single mode, and copper SFP transceivers. A group of four inputs and two outputs (1 Form A, 1 Form C) are also available on this NovaCard.

Selections for new OrionLX+ NovaCards in NCD 3.37

Selections for new OrionLX+ NovaCards in NCD 3.37


Orion I/O PRP/HSR Network Option

Orion I/O PRP/HSR network option

The Orion I/O PRP/HSR network option adds two RJ45 ports (10/100/1000BaseTX) for PRP/HSR and one SFP port. Internally there are two NICs, one for PRP/HSR ports and the other for the SFP port. NovaTech offers multimode, single mode, and copper SFP transceivers.

Selections for new Orion IO PRP-HSR network options in NCD 3.37

Selections for new Orion I/O PRP/HSR network options in NCD 3.37


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