New Micro-AT Protocol: S&C Micro-AT® to OrionMX Interface

PUBLISHED ON Feb 21, 2023

The new Micro-AT protocol for the OrionMX enables remote SCADA monitoring and control of the S&C Micro-AT® Source-Transfer Control. Switch status, machine status, analog power values, and other parameters are reported back using SCADA protocols. Control commands can be received and transferred through the optional Micro-AT output control card. Custom webpages provide graphic visualization of real time switch status and data. The Micro-AT Serial Client Protocol (#207) is available with Orion Distro 10.0 and NCD 3.39.

Remote SCADA monitoring and control of the Micro-AT Source-Transfer system enable faster response to equipment failures, reduced outages due to improved coordination with other portions of the system, and improved modeling and planning using actual operational data.

The diagram below summarizes the connections between the Micro-AT and an OrionMX. Note the version and option requirements for the Micro-AT and the need for a hardwired interface for controls.

       Micro-AT connections with OrionMX

Real time webpages are served from the OrionMX detailing switch status, system status and measure power values. The overview webpage is shown below.

A NovaTech Applications Engineer can help set up your OrionMX with this protocol. Please contact us for assistance.