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Orion WEBserver / SVG Graphics Design and Application


A one-day course to provide instruction to develop SVG HMI screens and serve them out from Orion. The course includes configuration of WEBserver protocols (HTTP and XML) and the Inkscape graphics development package. A library of sample screen elements and sample screens will be provided to students. The course also covers the set up of two pre-configured Orion web pages: one to display Archived Orion data (including sequence of events data and load profile data) and the other to display real-time alarms: Alarm Annunciation. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to develop a one-line diagram with real-time data displayed and with breaker control, and to load screens into Orion and to serve the screen out to browser. Web pages for SOE and Alarm Annunciation will also be developed and served out.


Completion of Orion Automation Platform course, or equivalent experience. Understanding of substation apparatus and operation. Understanding of need for and use of substation HMI. Familiarity with use of a PC, setting IP addresses, use of browsers, etc.

Topic Outline

  • Description of required software module
  • OCXs, base template file and documentation in NCD
  • FTP and Inkscape third-party software
  • Obtain and load Inkscape graphical development package
  • Set up XML server and HTTP server in Orion
  • Develop customized web pages
  • Link pages with real-time data in Orion
  • Set up preconfigured SOE and alarms web pages

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