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Orion Substation Automation Platform (Short Course)


A half-day course to provide instruction on the differences between the Orion5/Orion5r and the OrionLX+, OrionLX, OrionLXm, OrionMX, and Orion I/O including: USB ports, expanded/redundant power supply, open database, web-based online operations, security front end, expanded diagnostics and other new options. NCD will be discussed and utilized throughout the course. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to build an Orion configuration file, transfer it to an Orion, make the configuration active, and then monitor the functionality of the Orion running their configuration.


Experience and familiarity in the use of the Orion5/Orion5r Automation Platform.

Topic Outline

  • Review of new Orion hardware and diagnostics
  • Wide-range and redundant power supply options
  • Fiber-optic Ethernet port option
  • Expanded memory for data archiving
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • USB ports
  •  Review of new Orion web-based online operations
  • Transferring files between PC and Orion
  • Monitoring Orion operation in realtime
  • Orion security overview
  • Multiple users with levels of access
  • Remote authentication
  • Support for firewall and VPN
  • Encryption and key management
  • Logging
  • Review of Orion software and options
    • “Cascaded Orion” software
    • Email option
    • Point aliasing
    • PostgreSQL database

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