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Orion Substation Automation Platform (Full Course)


A one and a half-day course to provide instruction in the specification, configuration, application, and real-time monitoring of the OrionLX / LXm automation processor. Students will be introduced to OrionLX / LXm hardware and firmware options and their various uses and applications. NCD will be discussed and utilized throughout the course to familiarize the student with the options and applications that the OrionLX family can serve. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to build an OrionLX / LXm configuration file, transfer it to an OrionLX / LXm, make the configuration active, and then monitor the functionality of the OrionLX / LXm running their configuration. Utilization of basic security functions available in the OrionLX / LXm is also summarized.


Exposure to or experience with RTUs and IEDs is preferred. Understanding of the data required from substations is preferred. Understanding of SCADA controls is preferred.

Topic Outline

• OrionLX and OrionLXm Hardware • OrionLX / LXm Operating System and Protocol Firmware Architecture • NovaTech Automation Communications Director (NCD) Installation • NCD Usage – Configuring Communications Ports • NCD Usage – Logic • Using, Modifying, and Creating Default Files • Transferring Files Between PC and OrionLX / LXm • Monitoring OrionLX / LXm Operation in Real-Time • Summary of Basic and Advanced Applications for OrionLX / LXm • Updating Firmware

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