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Orion Alarm-Archive-Retentive Configuration and Application (AAR)


A half-day course to learn how to configure and apply the Orion AAR software module. Laboratory exercises include creation of Sequence of Events web pages, Alarm Annunciation web pages, Trending pages retrieval of .csv SER records and making SQL queries.


Completion of Orion Automation Platform course, or equivalent experience. Understanding of the application high resolution sequence of event and alarm annunciation; where it is used, why it is used, how utilities use the data.

Topic Outline

• New format NCD Setup of Alarm-Archive-Retentive Module

  • General Tab Set Capabilities and Intervals
  • Inputs Tab Add Points Configure Archive Parameters Configure Alarm Parameters — Min/Max Values — Alarm Messages
  • Outputs Tab • Implementation of the PostgreSQL Database
  • Tables Archive Archive Partitioning Retentive Alarm Archive Retentive Alarm
  • SQL Queries
  • Windows and Interactive Terminal Interface
  • Data Storage Requirements • Web Page Viewing and Online Menus
  • Enabling the Database
  • Alarms
  • Alarm Archive
  • Archive
  • Trending
  • Filter Options

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