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Orion Protocols for SEL® Relay Integration Design and Application


A six-hour course to provide instruction to configure Orion to retrieve operational and non-operational data from SEL® relays, including real-time SCADA data (analog and discrete data), breaker wear, fault distance, History and Short and Long Events. The I-Dial software option will be set up in Orion to emulate the SEL20xx Communications Processor in Ethernet and dial-up applications. The I-Log and NT-FTP options will be set up in Orion and in a PC to retrieve, parse and disseminate SEL® Full-Length Event Reports. The ASCII IED Web option will be set up in Orion to serve out web pages containing SEL® Event Report data. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to connect Orion to an SEL® relay to try out all of the retrieval and access mechanisms described above.


Completion of Orion Automation Platform course, or equivalent experience. Experience configuring, installing or maintaining SEL® relays in substations. Some experience in retrieving and interpreting SEL® Event Reports is preferred. Familiarity with use of a PC – setting IP addresses, using spreadsheets, terminal emulators, browsers, etc.

Topic Outline

• Overview of Protocols used with SEL® Relays

  • SEL® Master Fast Messaging Fast Operate ASCII FastSER
  • DNP3
  • Data Logger (I-Log)
  • I-Dial • Physical Connections to SEL® Relays
  • RS232, RS485 • Configuration and Application of SEL® Master Protocols • Configuration and Application of I-Dial • Description Techniques for SEL® Event Record Retrievel
  • Pass-Through Orion with SEL® s/w tools
  • Use of NT-FTP, SEL® Master and I-Log
  • Use of WEB IED Data Server

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