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Orion DA Master Design, Operation and Maintenance (Full Course)


A one-day course to provide instruction on the operation, troubleshooting, and application configuration of the DA Master module for Orion Automation Platforms. NCD will be discussed and utilized throughout the course. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to view online operations of the DA Master, including the event file for identifying the sequence of events for an automated DA operation, build simple DA configurations, make the configurations active, and then monitor the functionality of the Orion running the configuration.


Completion of Orion Automation Platform course, or equivalent experience. Familiarity with distribution feeder topologies and apparatus. Understanding of feeder isolation and restoration control scenarios. Familiarity with typical use of a PC – setting IP addresses, using spreadsheets, terminal emulators, browsers, etc.

Topic Outline

• Understand Basic Application of DA-Master

  • Isolation
  • Sectionalization
  • Restoration
  • Safety Interlocks and DA Zone Statuses Local/Remote Switches Auto/Manual Switches Zone Normal Mode Zone Limited Mode Zone Lockout Mode • Connect to Orion Diagnostics with Serial or Ethernet Connection • View Communications and System Info • View DA Log for Sequence of Events • Discuss and Understand Basic DA Application and Configuration Concepts
  • DA Devices
  • Zones or Pods
  • Zone Steps for Isolation/Restoration • Addition of Free-form Logic for Advanced Applications • Testing Techniques

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