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Orion Advanced Math and Logic (.lua) Design and Application (plus LogicPak)


A one-day course to provide instruction to develop customized math and logic in Orion. Examples of working code running in substations will be provided to students. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to develop logic routines to add, average, and compare data and to turn on outputs in response to changing real-time inputs. Logic routines will be loaded into Orion simulators and exercised with real inputs and outputs. The preconfigured functions in LogicPak will also be covered.


Completion of Orion Automation Platform course, or equivalent experience. Experience in writing logic in PLCs, relays or other automation devices. Some LUA experience is preferred. Understanding of substation operations is preferred. Understanding of data flow in substation automation.

Topic Outline

  • Review of Syntax
  • Math and Logic “Events”
  • Data Change event
  • Load event (“Default start-up event”)
  • Timer Event
  • Review of commands
  • Database read and write Functions
  • Diagnostics
  • Check syntax button
  • Print statement
  • PrintLog statement
  • Review of advanced functions: String Manipulation, File I/O, poll modification, SCADA port poll monitoring
  • Development guidelines
  • Code examples
  • Math and Logic simulator
  • Also includes review of available LogicPak Modules
    • “OR”, “AND”, and “Negate” functions
    • “Delay” function
    • “KYZ” function
    • “Calc” function
    • “Primary-Secondary IEDs” functions
    • “Local/Remote” function

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