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Ethernet for the Utility Professional


A one-day course to provide instruction on the theory, application and troubleshooting of Ethernet installations in the utility infrastructure, concentrating on the typical hardware and software offerings in utility substations. Common off-the-shelf hardware, such as the Orion Automation Platform and DDIO, and off-the-shelf software tools and utilities such as Mozilla Firefox, HyperTerminal and NCD, are utilized in this course and found within utility SCADA automation systems. This course presents basic TCP/IP theory, explores freeware tools, examines Windows operating system utilities and relates the theory to real handson practical field applications an implementer would encounter while commissioning a typical Ethernet-based project.


Familiarity with PCs, computer numbering systems and Windows operating systems. No prior knowledge of Ethernet is required as the course is appropriate for engineers or technicians.

Topic Outline

• Ethernet History • ISO Models • Topologies – LAN – WAN • Component Identification (Hub, Switch, Managed Switch, Bridge, Server) • Physical Interface Theory and Relation to Models • Additional Information Resources – IETF, Modbus®, IEEE, IEC.T • The Layers – An Explanation • IP Addressing and Why – IPV6 vs IPV4 • Hands on Exercises

  • Subnetting
  • Configuration of IP Address and Utilization of Windows Utilities
  • TCP/IP and UDP
  • Establishment of an Ethernet Session, Connection and Connection-less
  • Well Known Ports IP and UDP (RFC 3232)
  • Sniffers
  • Introduction to Wireshark
  • Datagram Sniffing Example
  • Utility Protocols
  • Orion Utilities, ASE Utilities

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