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DNP3.0 Protocol and Application including Serial Communications Basics


A one and a half-day course to provide instruction on how the DNP3.0 protocol is structured, how DNP3.0 Master and Slave devices exchange messages and return responses, how to optimize the design of a serial or Ethernet-based DNP3.0 network and how to diagnose communications and problems. Serial communications basics covering RS232, RS485 and serial fiber optic, and Ethernet communications basics covering hubs, routers, switches, network design and diagnostics, are also provided. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material, allowing each student to set up both serial and Ethernet DNP3.0 communication between a Master Orion and Slave IEDs, and then monitor and diagnose communications with test set software.


Experience configuring, installing or maintaining substations IEDs. Understanding of how protocols and networks are used in substations to access data from IEDs.

Topic Outline

• Introduction • History of DNP3.0 • Device Identification • Physical Interface Attachment • Device Configuration • Device Profile / Data Link Layer • Transport Layer • Application Layer • Object Header • Binary Objects • Word-based Objects • Class Data • Ethernet and the Future


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