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Distributed Discrete I/O (DDIO) and Combination I/O (DCIO) Module


A half-day course to provide instruction on the simple and advanced configuration of the DDIO/DCIO module and the various hardware connections. The web-based online DDIO/ DCIO module configuration tool will be discussed and used throughout the course. Laboratory exercises will compliment the lecture material, allowing each student to modify a DDIO/ DCIO configuration, transfer it from the DDIO/DCIO module (for documentation and replication purposes), make the configuration active, and then monitor the functionality of the DDIO/DCIO module running the configuration.


Understanding of substation operations and apparatus. Understanding of the data provided by substation apparatus. Understanding of IRIG-B and time stamping preferred. Familiar with using a PC, setting IP addresses, use of terminal emulators, browsers, etc.

Topic Outline

  • Physical features, wiring, available I/O versions
  • DIN rail, panel, and 19” rack mounting options
  • Available serial communication cards type A, B, C, E, G, and J
  • Simple mode DIP switch configuration
  • Advanced mode configuration
  • Techniques for setting DDIO/DCIO time hard-wired IRIG-B, IRIG-B over communications, NTP, and DNP3
  • Using input filter, debounce, and chatter parameters
  • Analog ranges and channel selection
  • Analog scaling configuration
  • Maintaining 1ms accuracy in SOE systems
  • Diagnostics – LEDs, serial and Ethernet communications

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