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Bitronics M871 – Meeting Latest PRC-002 Requirements


One day application course


Bitronics M870 Series Distributed Recorder Course

Topic Outline

1) The three parts of the PRC-002 standard: Sequence of Event (SOE), Fault Recording, and Dynamic Disturbance Recording (DDR). 2) M871 configuration steps for Sequence of Events: a. Record opening and closing of breaker auxiliary b. Record the time stamp to within four milliseconds of input received for the change in the circuit breaker position (open/close) 3) M871 configuration steps for Fault Recording: a. Record three phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral voltages on monitored line or bus or on Generator Step-up (GSU) transformers b. Record three phase currents and the residual or neutral currents of each monitored line and transformer or on Generator GSU transformer c. Record at least two cycles of pre-trigger data Exceeds, up to 100 cycles possible d. Record post trigger of at least 50 cycles or first three cycles of an event and the final cycle of an event e. Record at a minimum rate of 16 samples per cycle 4) M871 configuration steps for Dynamic Disturbance Recording a. Record voltage and current from at least one phase (on the same phase) for all transmission lines at 200kV or above b. Record at least one phase-to-neutral or phase-to-phase voltage of the high or low side for each GSU transformer and at least one phase current (same phase as voltage) c. Record frequency (at least one at the required substation) d. Record power and reactive power (MW and MVAR) on a three-phase basis (per each monitored line or transformer) e. Sample data at a rate of at least 960 samples per second to calculate RMS electrical quantities f. Store calculated RMS values of electrical quantities at a rate of at least six times per second g. Fault Recording and DDR data must be capable of being viewed and analyzed as a COMTRADE (IEEE Std. C37.111-1997 or successor) files h. Data files shall be named in conformance with IEEE C37.232. Recommended Practice for Naming Time Sequence Data Files

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