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Sneak Preview: NovaTech @ DistribuTECH 2022

PUBLISHED ON Dec 01, 2021

In less than two months, we will see many of you in Dallas for DistribuTECH 2022. We invite you to come by our booth (#1115), where we will display and demonstrate over a dozen new products. Here’s an advanced preview:

NovaTech Booth layout at DistribuTECH 2022

Orion RTU Panel
Complete substation-ready RTU panel including:
• Redundant OrionLX+ and Orion I/O
• PRP/HSR Redundancy
• Orion Direct Video HMI
• Bitronics D650 Universal Display
• Bitronics 50 and 60 Series Panel Instruments
• Bitronics PowerPlex II Synchronizing Power Transducer

Legacy RTU Retrofit Panel
See four legacy RTU upgrade solutions for:
• D20/D200
• Telegyr
• Telvent
• Systems Northwest

Bitronics DGM
See latest design with features to improve durability, security and serviceability:
• Thermostatically-controlled strip heater to reduce condensation
• Stainless steel NEMA enclosure and surge protection to enhance reliability
• OrionMX added as an optional security appliance

Orion Mini RTU
• OrionMX with Serial and I/O Expansion Cards
• Battery Charger and Monitor

Orion Pole Top RTU
• OrionMX
• Bitronics D650 Universal Display
• Radio
• Battery

Demonstrations to include:
• NCD and Inkscape SVG configuration
• New Math & Logic Simulator integrated into NCD
• RADIUS remote authentication configuration
• Orion SCADA screens and configuration

New Products Table
• Two new OrionLX+ NovaCards for 12-Port Switch and PRP/HSR
• New OrionMX Serial and I/O Expansion Cards