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Sneak Preview: NovaTech @ DistribuTECH 2022

PUBLISHED ON Dec 01, 2021

We will see many of you in Dallas for DistribuTECH 2022. We invite you to come by our booth (#1115), where we will display and demonstrate over a dozen new products. Here’s an advanced preview:

NovaTech Booth layout at DistribuTECH 2022

Orion RTU Panel
Complete substation-ready RTU panel including:
• Redundant OrionLX+ and Orion I/O
• PRP/HSR Redundancy
• Orion Direct Video HMI
• Bitronics D650 Universal Display
• Bitronics 50 and 60 Series Panel Instruments
• Bitronics PowerPlex II Synchronizing Power Transducer

Legacy RTU Retrofit Panel
See four legacy RTU upgrade solutions for:
• D20/D200
• Telegyr
• Telvent
• Systems Northwest

Bitronics DGM
See latest design with features to improve durability, security and serviceability:
• Thermostatically-controlled strip heater to reduce condensation
• Stainless steel NEMA enclosure and surge protection to enhance reliability
• OrionMX added as an optional security appliance

Orion Mini RTU
• OrionMX with Serial and I/O Expansion Cards
• Battery Charger and Monitor

Orion Pole Top RTU
• OrionMX
• Bitronics D650 Universal Display
• Radio
• Battery

Demonstrations to include:
• NCD and Inkscape SVG configuration
• New Math & Logic Simulator integrated into NCD
• RADIUS remote authentication configuration
• Orion SCADA screens and configuration

New Products Table
• Two new OrionLX+ NovaCards for 12-Port Switch and PRP/HSR
• New OrionMX Serial and I/O Expansion Cards