Kronos Satellite Clock

On time. All the time.

Multi-constellation satellite clocks designed for protection, automation, and control applications in power systems.

Multi-Constellation Support

Kronos works not just with the GPS satellite system, but also GALILEO, BEIDOU, and GLONASS. This results in a faster lock.

Output Flexibility

• Unmodulated IRIG-B over twisted pair, coax, or fiber
• Modulated IRIG-B over coax
• PPS or PPM signals
• NTP/SNTP on single or dual RJ45 Ethernet ports, with port bonding (Series 2)
• PTP on single Ethernet port or pair of PRP ports, with SFP transceivers (Series 3)

Ethernet Integration

Kronos supports browser-based configuration. SNMP is available for integration into the IT environment. PTP, NTP, and SNTP are available for syncing a devices with the best mechanism they support. Series 3R supports PRP and Series 2R supports port bonding.

High Precision

The Master Clock achieves 60 ns (99%) maximum time deviation. Antenna cable-delay compensation further enhances accuracy. Series 2 is available with DTCXO (Digital Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator), and Series 3 is available with TCXO and or optional OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator). In holdover, TCXO has typical drift of 9ms/day, whereas OCXO has a typical drift of less than 100µs/day. All clocks also support out-of-bounds alarm when the time drifts more than a specified value.

Made in the USA

Like all NovaTech Power products, the Kronos satellite clocks are manufactured in the USA and are backed by our 10 year "no hassle" worldwide warranty.

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Three models available

Front panel height
Ethernet ports
Ethernet time sync
PTP profile
Isolated unmodulated outputs
Amplitude modulated outputs
Optical fiber outputs
IRIG-B signals
IEEE C37.118 for Synchrophasors
PPS signal
PPM signal
Alarm dry contact
Redundant power supply
Operating voltages
Max power consumption
Unit dimensions
Unit weight
Kronos Series 2P image

Kronos Series 2P


1 RU


1 RJ45


Up to 2

Up to 2

Up to 2

B000, B002, B004, B006, B120, B122, B124, B126




Form C


18-72V dc
80-300V dc / 86-264V ac (50/60 Hz)

7 VA

10.6”W x 1.73”H x 5.54”D (269 x 44 x 141mm)

3.1 lb (1.4kg)

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