FlexBatch® D/3® Control Engineer


A five-day course detailing the use of FlexBatch® with a D/3® Distributed Control System. Details on the various production displays provide the user with tools to create and monitor campaigns and batches. New recipes are developed and then validated through batch execution. Concepts related to product tracking are explained as they relate to FlexBatch®. SABL® code required for batch applications is presented in detail. The course provides details on defining FlexBatch® database elements such as phases, operations, master recipes and aliases. The FlexBatch® production displays and configuration management utility are used in laboratory exercises to provide practical experience.


Successful completion of the D/3® User or D/3® Continuous Control Configuration and D/3® SABL® courses. Students should have experience writing SABL® programs and be familiar with the concept of unit relativity.

Topic Outline

  • SP88 concepts and terminology
  • Use of the operator production displays
  • Creating and executing campaigns and batches
  • Use of configuration management utility
  • Master recipe design
  • Properties of campaigns, batches, unit recipes, operations, and phases
  • Sequence database design
  • Product tracking concepts
  • SABL® programming statements
  • FlexBatch® database configuration

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