D/3® TotalVision® Applications I

A five-day course using D/3® software detailing the creation of D/3® TotalVision® models. Topics covered include how to link system provided dynamic objects such as SGOs and Gismos to D/3® components to create real time models of plant processes. One segment of the class covers the basics of the S/L scripting language which is used in the creation of Smart Graphical Objects. Callback routines and the templating function are also included. Details on the TotalVision® runtime, editor and compiler are also provided. Laboratory exercises are provided for students to gain hands-on experience with all topics.

Completion of the D/3® User or D/3® Continuous Control Configuration and D/3® SABL® courses.

Topic Outline

  • Overview of TotalVision® graphics
  • Features of the Navigator
  • Basics of the TotalVision® editor
  • Registering models
  • Using system provided SGOs
  • Using beginner and intermediate level Gismos
  • Basic statements and syntax of S/L Scripts
  • Creation of user-defined SGOs
  • Templating and defining variables
  • D3Callback functions
  • Various operators and logic
  • User defined resource files
  • G file usage
  • TotalVision® compiler
  • System setup and associated files

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