D/3® System Management


A three-day course using and explaining the operation of the D/3® software including the directories, files, batch procedures created to manage and run the D/3® System. Windows System Management utilities needed to configure and maintain accounts and networks are discussed. Lab exercises on CDCMs and DCMs complement the lecture material.


Configure, install and manage D/3® system software using Windows CDCMs and DCMs.

Topic Outline

  • Network configuration – WinCOD
  • Online – WinCOD
  • D/3® directory structure
  • Monitoring D/3® processes
  • License management
  • Installing D/3® software
  • Snap
  • Startup and shutdown
  • System settings and customization
  • User accounts and system security
  • D3Manager
  • Console files and D3PSM
  • Loading DCMs
  • Performing upgrades
  • OPC configuration
  • Application source code management
  • D3Diagnostics
  • Online upgrades

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