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While your aging control system may appear to be “doing just fine,” you know that failure could be just around the corner. It’s critical to adopt a plan for proper management, maintenance, and growth to keep your system running smoothly into the future.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know

Few plants have experts on staff who can assess control systems. Our team of specialists come on board to provide a holistic overview, covering everything from power and grounding to applications, IT, and cybersecurity. You’ll see the whole picture of your operation and the threats and opportunities that lie ahead.

A clear roadmap for today, tomorrow, and beyond

As your partners in control system lifecycle planning, we’ll develop a thorough guide to mitigating risks, improving plant performance, and implementing best practices together. We’ll identify what’s mission critical and what can wait, giving you a sense of clarity and control over the future of your plant—along with a critical communication tool for securing support and budget from management.

We’ll always have your back

We understand the responsibilities and challenges you face as plant manager. You can rest assured we’ll provide an honest review of your control system and agree on the plan for progress prior to delivery. Of course we stand ready to help you implement any of the corrective actions identified.

"The technical support from NovaTech was a breath of fresh air. It was one of the few times where I actually felt better after the process."

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