NovaTech Automation Announces D/3 Version 16.1

PUBLISHED ON Jul 09, 2019

QUAKERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA (July 9, 2019) NovaTech Automation, LLC today announced the latest release of its Distributed Control System (DCS) software, D/3® Version 16.1. This release brings the all-new Process Control Module 5 (PCM5) to the next level and is in direct response to users’ most-requested features.

“With Version 16.1, we are demonstrating our commitment to delivering significant enhancements to our customers on an accelerated release cycle, so that they can stay ahead of their competition,” said Jean Bandy, Vice President and General Manager, NovaTech Automation Process Solutions.

Formosa Plastics was the first NovaTech Automation customer to take advantage of controller virtualization. “The PCM virtualization capability is great. It allows us to develop new applications, perform what-if analyses, and train staff on laptop computers,” commented Randy Lindsly, PVC Production Manager at Formosa. “I can test all code changes and study complex interactions between process units from any controller, before loading the new code to the live system. This feature improves plant safety and significantly reduces risks to production when making system changes.”

Improved Operational Performance

Now, a virtual PCM5 can be used to simulate any existing configuration without changing the application code. Users can leverage simulation capabilities to train personnel and develop, demonstrate, and validate prospective changes without impacting production or safety.

Increased Flexibility

As one of the first DCS vendors to offer online upgrades nearly 15 years ago, the D/3 has a long history of allowing online configuration changes. Version 16.1 adds the ability to define sequence units without interrupting production.

Reduced Complexity

New sequence program local variable types simplify configuration steps and allow for faster onboarding of new engineers.

“The PCM5 was designed to ease the addition of enhanced functionality and new features going forward. Version 16.1 demonstrates that we can now deliver shorter and more feature-rich release cycles, providing more value to our customers,” said NovaTech Automation Product Development Director, Bill Keller.

To download the full release, click here.