Power Hour – IEC 61850, Part 3 (EXPERT MODE)

Join us Wednesday, October 20, as Bruce Muschlitz presents a follow-up from our previous Expert Mode 61850 webinar on June 2, 2021 (recording here). New topics to be presented:

  • 61850 Redundancy
    • RSTP, PRP and HSR overview, with advantages/disadvantages of each
    • “Bumpless” and “non-bumpless” redundancy: where is each acceptable
    • Concepts of GOOSE dataset and the change monitoring done by the GOOSE publishers
    • Effect of network bit rate, network loading and hop-counts on message delivery time
    • Use of analog values and analog thresholding in GOOSE
  • 61850 Diagnostic Tools
    • Wireshark deep dive
    • Additional tools from Omicron and Triangle Microworks
    • Simulation tools: client simulators, server simulators, GOOSE pub/sub simulators
  • Application of Reporting
    • Basic philosophy: SCD file is the primary documentation of the system
    • Report configuration parameters
      • Dataset selection
      • Optional report fields (for example, name of data object)
      • Integrity period
      • Buffer time

Upcoming dates:

Wednesday, October 20