D/3® Software Concepts for Hardware Personnel


A four-day course designed using the latest D/3® software to provide the student with the information behind the software used by the D/3® DCS to interact with the I/O. Hands-on exercises reinforce the students with experience using the operator’s keyboard and console to help assess whether a D/3® problem may be hardware or software related. Allows the students to see how hardware devices are used by software.


Completion of a D/3® Hardware Maintenance course or the equivalent required.

Topic Outline

  • Identify D/3® system components used for communications and process control
  • D3Architect and D3Manager
  • WinCOD
  • Identify database files
  • Describe system configuration utilities and security measures
  • WinMOD and MODEL utilities
  • Identify analog and digital point components
  • Describe cautions and concerns for database changes

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