Power Hour 2021-12-01 | Power Measurement: Transformer and Line Loss Compensation (EXPERT) | Schematics | Open-circuit test | Short-circuit test | Transformer nameplate ratings | Examples


00:45 Agenda
02:23 Types of losses in a real transformer
03:02 Characteristics of an ideal (lossless) transformer
05:26 Equivalent circuit diagram to predict the performance of a real transformer
07:10 Description of copper losses
07:47 Description of iron losses
10:45 The effect of frequency and harmonics on losses
12:48 Benchmarking typical loss values
15:39 Using the open-circuit test to determine iron losses at the rated voltage
22:38 Using the short-circuit test to determine copper losses at full load
27:04 What the transformer nameplate ratings tell us
28:51 How iron and copper VAR losses are derived from the nameplate ratings
31:01 How loss compensation differs from loss calculation
38:27 Applying the equations to real world measurements
42:34 What settings the meter needs to read out compensated power and energy values