NovaTech Reporting and Archive Back-Up Package

A Standalone, Server-Based, Enterprise Software Package for Orion Automation Platforms

PUBLISHED ON Dec 16, 2018

The OrionLX™ Reporting and Archive Back-up Package allows users to generate predefined web-based query reports. This package creates reports based on Archive data periodically collected from one or more network-connected OrionLX Automation Platforms and stored in an SQL database on the server.

The Reporting Package runs on a virtual Linux machine provided by NovaTech. This virtual Linux machine can run either on a server provided by NovaTech or on a user-provided server. See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below describing components and data flow in the system.


  • Can automatically replicate Archive data from one or more OrionLX to a remote server. User can set how often replication occurs
  • Five common reports are pre-formatted and simple to run:
    • Sum
    • Maximum
    • Minimum
    • Count
    • Outage
  • Two formats:
    • “Absolute” reports cover a time range between a specific start date and time and a specific end date time.
    • “Relative” reports cover a time range between the current date and time and the specified amount of time in days, months, or years prior to the current date. For example, you can run a report covering only the most recent 30 days.
  • Report configurations can be stored for future relative reports.
  • Reports can be viewed as a data table or graphically.
  • Reports can be saved as a .csv or .pdf file


Reporting Packages


Reporting Package with Distributed Orion WEBserver SCADA



Reporting Package with Centralized Orion WEBserver SCADA


How Reporting Works


How Reporting Works in Distributed WEBserver SCADA



How Reporting Works in Centralized WEBserver SCADA



Absolute and Relative Report Configuration



Pre-Formatted Reports Available



  • Calculates the sum for of all measurements recorded per the selected display interval.


  • Displays the maximum point value recorded per the selected display interval.


  • Displays the maximum point value recorded per the selected display interval.


  • Displays the number of instances that data was detected per query type unit at the selected input or output points. The count goes up every time a value greater than 0 is recorded during each display interval.


  • Displays all “0” or “1” values for the selected input points. This report is intended to be used only with binary points such as breaker status.


 Report Examples


 “Sum” Report Example



“Maximum” Report Example


“Minimum” Report Example


“Count” Report Example



“Outage” Report Example


Outage Report Example


Database Maintenance and Software Upgrade Services


NovaTech offers these services either onsite or remotely over a VPN connection. This includes:

  • Backup of virtual machine
  • Removal of old records, specified by the user
  • Upgrading database, virtual machine, and reporting software to the newest version
  • Database vacuum.
  • Database re-indexing
  • Log file maintenance

These are mandatory services for database products.